WLan roaming

Eyal Oren eyal.oren at deri.org
Wed Sep 22 14:46:10 UTC 2004


great distro! really.

i have two wireless question:

--- in the office we have a wireless lan with an essid, and key; we have several accesspoints for this network. there
are however also various other accesspoints (ap's) in my range, but these have different essid's (and i don't want to
use those).

if i set the essid="..." and the right key, i don't get an dhcp-lease from our (nearest) accespoint. if i manually scan
for the nearest ap, and then set this ap with iwconfig, the wlan gets an dhcp-lease and everything works fine.

i think what happens (but i'm not sure) is that if i set ap=any, my wlan tries to connect (i think) to an accesspoint
that is not ours (ignoring my essid setting) and then it doesn't work.

is there a way to solve this?

--- 2nd question (but i think my answer is in waproamd:

i have at home a different wireless network (with different essid and key); i would like ubuntu to detect where i am (by
scanning) and then bring up ath0 with the right config. right now i have 2 copies of /etc/network/interfaces and when i
move from work->home i just copy the right one to /etc/network/interfaces and bring up ath0.

what would be a smart way to do this?

Eyal Oren
DERI Ireland
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