Simple question on installing Ubuntu on auxiliary SATA drive...

Kevin Chan kefin at
Wed Sep 22 11:33:41 UTC 2004

I have an Athlon64 machine with 3 drives -- an IDE main drive with 
Windows XP, and 2 auxiliary SATA drives. I have gentoo installed 
already on one of the SATA drives and would like to try Ubuntu on the 
other SATA drive (already partitioned from a previous Fedora 
installation, which I want to replace hopefully with Ubuntu).

The problem I encountered while going through the Ubuntu installation 
process (I'm using the warty-amd64 CD) was that the installer detects 
only my main IDE drive but not the auxiliary SATA drives. I've tried 
booting in "expert" mode but the result is the same. There doesn't seem 
to be a choice of which drive I can partition.

Is there some simple step I'm missing? I apologize for the naive 

TIA for any help you gurus can offer!


Kevin Chan <kefin at> <kefin at>

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