Desktop Preferences mockups

Fábio Mendes niels_bohr at
Wed Sep 22 04:17:07 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 15:32 -0400, Rob Diehl wrote:
> I'd be interested in checking out what you come up with, but I'm just a 
> user, so perhaps hosting them on a website somewhere for everyone to 
> evaluate would be a good idea.
> >I agree with that. I think the whole "Computer menu" needs some
> >reorganizing working. It seems cluttered to me, but i'm biased to the
> >default gnome menu, so don't trust me so much. I'll play with some
> >interface mockups and send you if they happen to be fine.
> >
> >-Fabio
> >  
> >

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