Ubuntu Traffic

Benj. Mako Hill mako at canonical.com
Tue Sep 21 22:49:21 UTC 2004

Greetings everyone!

You may be familiar with Kernel Traffic -- a summary of all the
traffic on the Linux kernel mailing list for those that can't follow
it all (most people really). I'm using the same set of scripts, and
the same process, to create a summary of Ubuntu discussion. It's
called Ubuntu Traffic. :)

I've put together the first four issues of Ubuntu Traffic and they are
online for public consumption now. The issues deal mostly with the
traffic from the "Sounder" mailing list.[1] The latest issue of
traffic covering last week is up at a temporary home here:


The archive of all the available issues (only four at the moment but
it will go up by one a week) is here:


The amount of traffic we are generating is growing *very* quickly and
its hard for me to keep up. I won't always catch everything so if you
see a thread that you think is traffic-worthy, point it out to me by
forwarding a copy with a note to mako at canonical.com.

I scan IRC traffic as well and note relevant bits in the newsletter
but this is even harder to quick-sort for relevance than mailing
lists. I idle on IRC as "mako" and scan the logs. Just direct a
message to me saying that an ongoing conversation should be noted in
the next traffic.

Finally, there are a couple things that I'm still working on and
haven't finished yet that I thought I can give you a heads up
on. These include:

 - A good set of automatically generated topics (keywords). This is
   mostly finished but I want to make sure its a little more solid
   before I flip the switch.

 - Generation of simple XHTML/CSS and a system for automatically
   importing these into the Ubuntu website which (this will be
   important but its non-trivial). Zack Brown, the author of the
   Kernel Traffic scripts, knows about us and is looking forward to
   collaborating on improving the system. :)

 - A middle term home (people.ubunlinux.org probably) until I can get
   it all up on the main website.

If anyone is interested in helping write traffic, I'm more than happy
to put my arch repository somewhere we can get it and work together or
you can just send text.

That's it for now. You'll definitely hear back from me next week!


[1] Sounder was the testing group for Ubuntu for those that are new
    here (its the word for a group of warthogs).

Benjamin Mako Hill
mako at canonical.com

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