audio cd burning

Robert Brimhall rbrimhall at
Tue Sep 21 20:11:54 UTC 2004

I just installed ubuntu alongside my slackware 10 and must say I'm
pretty impressed. I had to work out some issues with my IRQ
assignments on my laptop (the lp/parallel printer issue discussed on
these lists previously) by assigning the pci=noacpi append to grub. I
still have no GNOME sound at this point (mixer is detected in volume
control but my modem is listed there too so this is probably part of
the problem)... haven't tested sound from other apps like cds or dvds

Anyways, I notice that k3b has been added into the repos but, unless
the ubuntu kernel is patched with the ck patches, audio burning will
not work except as root and the nautilus cd burner will suffice... so,
has the kernel been patched to add this support?

Second, can someone point me to a .deb package for libdvdcss so I can
watch my movies:) I guess I could alien my libdvdcss.tgz to a deb but
would rather have an "official" package if possible...

I agree with another post that the use of sudo rather than root should
be emphasized during the install b/c I was a tad confused at the

Overall, great distro and good work from the dev. team!

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