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Andrew Graaff andrew at
Tue Sep 21 18:41:08 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-09-21 at 08:10 -0400, Barry & Sharon Houck wrote: 
> Hello.
> I am brand spanking new to this program but it looks pretty good.  I am 
> having trouble installing the plug ins for flash and such.  Also, where 
> do I find java plugin for this?  I am running Ubuntu.  Thanks and any 
> help would be appreciated!
> Barry Houck

Firefox preview 1 has a that allows plugins to be installed easily.  It
may be included in the official release.  

You can get it here

I just install it for myself in my user account, in a folder called
programs for all programs I install for my user account.  That is my
preference.  If that will work for you read on.

After downloading do the following (apologies for the overly verbose

1. Open you home directory and make a folder called programs.

2. Then browse to where the downloaded firefox install archive is

3. Right click on the file and choose 'extract here'

4. Open up a terminal (On the menu bar at the top click Applications-

5. change to the firefox-installer dir ('cd firefox-installer' at the
prompt).  Run the shell file ('./firefox-installer').

6. The installer opens and click 'forward' and then 'Next'.

7. Then you get a screen which asks you if you want to install
'standard' or 'custom'.  I choose custom because I want developer tools,
but otherwise standard.

8. Then where it says 'Destination Directory' click the change button.
Then browse to your 'programs' that you just created.  At the bottom in
the text box where it says 'firefox-installer' change it to 'firefox'.
Click 'Ok'.

9. You should see a path to '/home/YOURUSERNAME/programs/firefox' in the
destination directory now.  Click 'Forward' and agree to making the
folder.  Click 'Ok'

10. When the installer is finished close.  Then right click on the
firefox icon in the panel and choose 'Properties'.  Then where it says
'command' click the browse button then browse to your 'programs/firefox'
directory and double click the 'firefox' file.  If you click the firefox
icon in the panel now it open the newer version of firefox you just

To setup Flash do the following.

1. Browse to a site that has Flash on it.  ( comes
to mind).

2. The screen loads with the space holder for the flash element.  It
says 'Click Here to install the plugi-in'  Click there.

3. Firefox looks for the available plugins. Click next when it finds it
and agree to terms.  It will download and install.

To install Java plugin

1. You need the JRE. Goto this URL  Download
should start.

2. Open the home folder and browse to where you saved the download (be
default in your home directory).  Right click and choose 'Properties'.
The click the 'Permissions' tab and make sure under owner that 'execute'
is checked.

3. The open the terminal again.   Change the directory to where you
downloaded the JRE archive file (for me in my home directory)

4. run the installer from the terminal './j2re-1_4_2_05-linux-i586.bin'.
You will get the license agreement come up.  Hold down enter until you
are asked 'yes' 'or' 'no' to accept.  type 'yes' and hit enter.  The
package is unpacked into your home directory for me

5. No we need to create a symbolic link to the plugins directory in
firefox.  In the terminal change to you firefox directory.  For me
'/home/andrew/programs/firefox' then change to the plugins directory.
i.e. 'cd plugins'.

6. Now we create the link.  This is very important to type in correctly
making a mistake won't give you any warning other than Java won't work.
Please substitute where appropriate but the command from the terminal
will then be:

-    ln -s /(PATH_TO_YOUR_HOME/j2re1.4.2_05/plugin/i386/ns610-

7. Now all you have to do is close Firefox and restart.  To check open
your j2re1.4.2_05 in nautilus and drag the file 'ControlPanel.html' into
firefox, if you see a java applet run it is working.

8. I just did those steps so it should work.

You don't have to install the new firefox but installing Flash is a
little more difficult.  Email me if I was not clear on anything.


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