Java and Ubuntu?

VETSEL Patrice vetsel.patrice at
Tue Sep 21 18:00:09 UTC 2004

As java (sun) will be not free, i don't think that ubuntu will not
support it.
A great tutorial (working for me) is here ->

Le mardi 21 septembre 2004 à 13:46 -0400, Brett Kirksey a écrit :
> I have a Windows using friend I told about Ubuntu. He's all for going 
> Microsoft free. :-) Anyway, he got it running on his PC yesterday and 
> has been checking out serveral of his most frequented Web pages. A 
> couple contain Java applets that aren't working in FireFox. My question 
> is, is Java supported in Ubuntu? If not, will it be eventually? If so, 
> how do you get the applets working in FireFox?
> Thanks
> Brett

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