I installed Ubuntu last night and...

Shawn Milo ShawnMilo at runbox.com
Tue Sep 21 13:55:40 UTC 2004

Overall, I am very impressed.

I started using Linux in 2000, and have performed countless installs
of dozens of distros since. I have come to greatly respect Slackware,
prefer Debian-based systems, and love Xandros as an easy-to-use
Linux desktop.

Suprisingly, my 19" Sony LCD monitor started right up at 1280x1024
after the first boot. Only one other distro was able to do that.

My only complaint so far is that I see no way to mount a network share.
I have a server running Slackware and Samba. I found the "Windows
Network" option under Gnome, and double-clicked it, and got nothing.
How can this be made to work?  I want to map //fileserver/divx to
/home/shawn/divx, and so on. I do not want to do it in fstab, because
I will not hard-code a password there. Is this feature fully implemented
somewhere in Ubuntu as it is in Xandros? The Xandros File Manager (XFM)
has a "Mount Network Share" in the "Tools" menu, and everything is 

Set up of Evolution was very smooth.  I hadn't used it for about two years
or so, back when I was playing with Red Hat and Ximian. Since then, I've
generally avoided Red Hat and Mandrake distros for various annoyances.

I love the fact that FireFox is the default browser.  Finally, a distro with
taste! The current version, even!  :o)

Overall, thanks to the Ubuntu team, and I'll provide more feedback
as I experiment.


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