Supported Wireless cards

John dingo at
Tue Sep 21 05:08:06 UTC 2004

R S Gill wrote:

>Are the following cards supported?
>Netgear MA521 
>Linksys WPC54G
Sadly,it's rarely that clear. Vendors often change the chipset without 
changing the card's model number or description.

A while ago I ordered ans amc2802w, which works. Version 2 which I 
received does not.

What I eventually did was download the Windows drivers for the Netcomm 
NP5420. I found the prism54 (ISL3890) firmware in the package, so I 
bought one. Then another.

This is the device:

Netcomm paints it and sells it under its own name.

I think the Linksys cards currently use broadcom (or maybe TI) chipsets. 
Whichever, nono.

Some dlink cards are okay, and you can find a page on their website 
about it if you're handy with Google.

Don't buy one where the recommended driver is ndiswrapper. What that 
means is you get to have a Linux computer relying on a Windows driver. Hmm.

If course, if you already have a card and there is no other driver, 
ndiswrapper is a fine idea.

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