Runlevel Configuration in g-s-t

John dingo at
Tue Sep 21 04:50:07 UTC 2004

Denis Jacquerye wrote:

>>I think that sshd will be necessary on _most_ machines I install. I'm
>>likely to be the one who does maintenance on them, and to do that
>>maintenance I need to connect to machines remotely. That means
>Computer > Desktop Preferences > Remote Desktop Preferences
>mark two checkboxes.
>I believe vnc is installed by default, so remote access is available
>by default, no enabled but installed. It's not direct command line,
>but should be useful for remote administrative tasks.

A lot of people wll tell you vnc isn't a secure protocol and recommend 
tunneling through ssh. To do that, the remote user needs to open a 

Sharing an existing user's desktop and running one's own are different 
needs; I often do the latter, sometimes on four or five at the same 
time. If you're one who likes to use the GUI tools provided for sysem 
administration then this is likely what you ant. Tunnelling though ssh 
enhances securiy and reduces contention with firewalls.

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