Such problems with the install

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Mon Sep 20 22:36:10 UTC 2004

On Sun, Sep 19, 2004 at 04:38:20PM -0400, Sean Murphy wrote:

> Tried to do two Ubuntu installs this weekend, failed at both. One was 
> the i386 iso on an AMD K6, the other was the PowerPC iso on a Pismo.
> MD5 checksums fine, CD passes the installer's scan. I have downloaded 
> each file twice from bittorrent and once from
> On the AMD, in every case the installer failed at the 'install base 
> system' step on kernel-image-2.6-386
> in particular, /usr/sbin/mkinitrd: line 1: 32123 Segmentation fault     
> mk cramfs /tmp/mkinitrd.31773/initrd /dev/fd/3 >/dev/null
> Failed to create image

Does it always fail at exactly the same step?  This looks like a hardware
problem, but it would be unusual for it to _only_ fail here, and never at
another step.

> The powerbook is able to get through all of phase 1 of the install but 
> then informs me processing has halted because there were too many 
> errors.

Impossible to say without more specific information about the message and
what preceded it.

 - mdz

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