Setting OS X as Default Boot

MaX max at
Mon Sep 20 21:11:45 UTC 2004

Il giorno Sep 20, 2004, alle 9:11 PM, Brett Kirksey ha scritto:
> OK, the first screen on startup says 'Boot Stage 1:', and it is 
> waiting for either "l"-Linux, "x"-Mac OS X, or "c"-CD-ROM. It will not 
> accept anything except one of tose options. On the next screen that 
> says "Boot:", I typed "defaultos=macosx" (without the quotes of 
> course). It returns:
> /pci at f2000000/pcibridge/mac-io at 7/ata-4 at 1f000/disk at 1:3, 
> //defaultos=macosx: no such file or directory.

mmm... if i understand correctly, you have not modified the 
/etc/yaboot.config file.

so, open a terminal and write:

	% sudo pico /etc/yaboot.config

edit the line



exit and save pressing "Ctrl-x" and "y"

now write:
	% sudo ybin


now you can reboot the machine and you will see to boot it in OSX. But 
you will abe to boot in Linux pressing L at the black screen with the 
question about witch OS you want to run.


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