Nautilus hang-bonobo acitvation server

Steve Calvin scalvin at
Mon Sep 20 20:38:51 UTC 2004

This will be a bit of a post-mortem. I reinstalled everything concerned 
including my gnome-applets and reconfigured my own panels.
Anyway, the messages said that Nautilus encountered a conflict with the 
bonobo-activation-server, and that killing that and restarting nautilus 
might work. I couldn't find the bonobo-activation-server to kill it so 
I used synaptic and reinstalled stuff. Symptoms of the problem after 
closing the many repeated error messages resulted in a system without 
icons in the menu's or anything relating to Nautilus. Trying to restart 
Nautilus resulted in the same messages. I reboot in gnome safe mode and 
used synaptic, but had to reconfigure one of my panels, then things 
were fine.
I got some info from someone on the irc channel that I should at a 
repository to synaptic to get an RSS feed reader, and it upgraded about 
400 packages, so I'm thinking that stuff in that repository, the main, 
and contrib, may have caused some problem. After I upgraded I thought 
that Ubuntu might have been replaced by Debian because the welcome 
screen was all Debian. Anyway, my system works as far as I know. I 
don't have the repository address handy but will post it later.


On Sep 20, 2004, at 3:40 AM, Sebastien Bacher wrote:

> Le dimanche 19 septembre 2004 à 21:00 -0700, Steve Calvin a écrit :
>> I did an update with apt-get too. Now I get these messages. Any ideas
>> in Ubunut land?
> Hi,
> What messages ? Could you provide them here ? Not easy to guess what's
> happening without any detail ...
> Thanks,
> Sebastien Bacher
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