Nathan Howell nathan at
Mon Sep 20 18:17:45 UTC 2004

Has there been any discussion about making this nautilus option a
default in Ubuntu? It seems to be a really good fit with both spatial
nautilus and the default empty desktop in Ubuntu. (It's my own
preference as well, so I'm biased, of course.)

For those who don't know what this option does, and can't figure it out
from the name ;-) it makes your home directory your desktop.

I think this is worth considering since it would remove a point of
confusion for new users. Users don't know what a home directory is
anyway, and the distinction with the desktop really helps nothing, in my
experience. Removing either Home or Desktop from the Computer menu would
be a nice simplification. I think it makes sense to just have all of a
users' files right in front of them on the desktop when it is visible.



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