Saving Data on Re-install/Firewire Detection?

Fábio Mendes niels_bohr at
Mon Sep 20 18:06:13 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 12:55 -0400, Brett Kirksey wrote:
> tonight for test purposes, but I would like to keep a lot of the
> configuration changes and preferences I have already set. Is there
> anyway to do this on the re-install? If not, I'd like to at least do a
> back up, but right now, Ubuntu isn't "seeing" my external firewire
> drives. Any solutions on getting Ubuntu to detect external firewire
> drives on a B&W G3?

I guess not, but you can backup the /etc/ files you changed and create a
bash script to copy those files back to the system and make other
modifications such as symlinks and commands. (you can copy the whole
directory but there is no point in reinstalling the system then!)

also always create /home in a different partition from the root
filesystem and mount this partition in /home (but don't format it!!!)
during installation. All user-space configurations will be preserved. So
you just add users with the same names (and preferably in the same order
to get the same uid) from that of the old system. 


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