Three general newbie questions

de Selby dadaism at
Mon Sep 20 15:49:32 UTC 2004

Hello all

Three general questions:

1. Although I've used it for years, I've never installed linux on one
of my own machines before. In your opinions, is ubuntu an appropriate
distro for a "first time installer"?

2. I am considering installing ubuntu on a laptop - I've done some
homework and have found quite a bit of documentation on installing
Debian on my particular model and hardware. Can I assume that this
documentation will basically apply to ubuntu as well?

3. I need to use a few obscure programs that are almost certainly not
included with the ubuntu distribution files. Can I assume that the
"Debian" versions of these programs (which I have access to) and the
"Debian installation instructions" are the most appropriate for

Many thanks in advance.

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