GDM login

Fábio Mendes niels_bohr at
Mon Sep 20 06:37:33 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-09-19 at 17:17 -0700, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 19, 2004 at 12:03:12AM -0300, Debian User wrote:
> > GDM config seems to be broken in my install. The system boots to a non-
> > graphical shell and if i type: "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start nothing", it
> > says that the login manager is starting, but nothing happens. My X config
> > is ok and I can run gdm by simply do a "sudo gdm"
> Is this a fresh install?  Check /var/log/gdm/:0.log
Sorry, it seems my install had broken because I booted the system in the
middle of the process because downloading stalled and get lots of things
broken. I'll reinstall my system and report any eventual problems


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