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Sam Folk-Williams sam.folkwilliams at
Sun Sep 19 22:11:17 UTC 2004


To get sane-utils installed, did you uncomment the universe source in
sources.list (the second group)? I did install sane-find-scanner OK,
but that didn't get me very far.

 Following advice on this list, I opened a bug report on this issue.
It is number 1485. I will post back when we find a resolution. Looks
like sane-find-scanner is not finding my scanner even after I get it

On Sat, 18 Sep 2004 22:21:32 -0700, Martin <bkmar1192 at> wrote:
> I am attempting to reinstall sane-utils.  The sane-find-scanner does not
> exists so I thought that reinstalling might help.  When I try to install
> it I get the following message.  I am not sure how to fix.  Any
> thoughts?
> sane-utils:
> Package sane-utils has no available version, but exists in the database.
> This typically means that the package was mentioned in a dependency and
> never uploaded, has been obsoleted or is not available with the contents
> of sources.list
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