sshd by default -> no [Was: Runlevel Configuration in g-s-t]

Rob Willenberg rob at
Sun Sep 19 21:40:16 UTC 2004

> Rob annoyed me because he contradicted a point I made. I justfied my 
> preference with a concrete example,  He simply poopooed the idea.

Here's my preference with a concrete example. None of the hardware that
comes into our IT department leaves without having a custom image built
and tested for each OS that gets installed on it. We simply wouldn't
build a desktop, laptop or server manually every time one gets deployed.
It's too time consuming, and quite frankly we have better things to do.
I'd rather have it built once, then drop in the appropriate boot disk to
install the appropriate image. Having sshd installed by default by the
OS is simply not necesarry, since any tools we need will be added during
the imaging process.

Now then, I wasn't poopooing your idea. It's simply my opinion, and one
that obviously does not sit well with yours. 


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