ide problems (kt400), left hand mouse, dvorak

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Sun Sep 19 20:57:10 UTC 2004

On Sun, Sep 19, 2004 at 10:47:12PM +0300, Ville Vainio wrote:

> I wasn't given a choice of Dvorak keyboard in installation (unlike 
> debian-installer did w/ sarge). Had to type login info in qwerty, not 
> comfortable and had to pick a crappy password.

> Left-handed mouse doesn't work. If I switch to left-handed mouse, I 
> still need to open the menus with LMB, but releasing the button over the 
> menu item doesn't work, I have to click RMB over the item (i.e. I need 
> to hold down both buttons). Using right hand mouse with left hand for now.

Please file a bug in bugzilla.

> And now, the biggest problem: I can't see my PATA drive (hda). I boot 
> from PATA kinda ok (/boot is /dev/hda1), with the root system on SATA. 
> Interestingly, SATA is now sda, it was hde on Sarge.

This sounds like:

Please verify.

 - mdz

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