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Colin Watson cjwatson at
Sun Sep 19 13:54:42 UTC 2004

On Sun, Sep 19, 2004 at 12:10:26PM +0200, Germano Rizzo wrote:
> John wrote:
> >Sort on llist-id: it's a standard header.
> >
> >Misusing the subject to name the list isn't necesary, and when Red Hat 
> >tried it on its Hurricane list, the idea got howled down.
> IMHO it's more clean, since it allows visual recognition, and when I 
> check my mail via web or with an IMAP application with filters not 
> correctly configured, it's important. But if this is the list policy, 
> it's fine for me.

The problems with abusing the subject are that it uses up a big chunk of
valuable horizontal space for those of us who often read mail in
80-column terminals (and even for those who don't, to a lesser extent),
and that it tends to produce mails with subject lines like 'Re:
[Ubuntu-users] SV: [Ubuntu-users] Antw: [Ubuntu-users] <real subject>'
when broken mailers are involved. It usually creates far more
difficulties than it (dubiously) solves.


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