sshd by default -> no [Was: Runlevel Configuration in g-s-t]

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Sun Sep 19 08:40:39 UTC 2004

<quote who="John">

> It may not be necessary _for you_, but your judging my requirements is
> silly.

We're not basing these decisions on our own preferences, we're basing them
on the greatest common factor of user needs. sshd simply isn't required by
most classes of users in a default desktop system. We make it very easy to
install. Thus, we easily satisfy two classes, while keeping our default
configuration simple and sane. We, as technical users, may prefer to have
sshd on every machine, but that is not the case for most desktop users.

Installing sshd is as simple as 'sudo apt-get install openssh-server' once
you've installed the system. It would be the same number of commands (one)
to enable it even if it were installed already (because we would not enable
it by default, as per no-listening policy). Plus, it'll be even easier to
install in HoaryHedgehog.

- Jeff

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