Runlevel Configuration in g-s-t

John dingo at
Sun Sep 19 08:21:04 UTC 2004

Rob Willenberg wrote:

>For a desktop system this shouldn't even be an issue. There's simply no
>need for sshd to be installed by default, as there's no need to install
>any services that allow incoming connections to be actively made. These
>services are trivial enough to install and run for the type of user that
>I think needs them.

I think that sshd will be necessary on _most_ machines I install. I'm 
likely to be the one who does maintenance on them, and to do that 
maintenance I need to connect to machines remotely. That means 

Sure, I can do this after installing, but atm there's no simple way to 
automate that.

It may not be necessary _for you_, but your judging my requirements is 

Quite recently, my boss was on the other side of the world wanting 
something done to his Mac. It was unbelievably difficult to explain to 
him how to do something that would have taken me a minute or two and a 

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