iMac network hardware

volvoguy volvoguy at
Sun Sep 19 05:20:38 UTC 2004

I'm glad I joined today! I'm just now burning the PPC version to try
installing on my Rev. D iMac. I was hoping to not wipe out OSX but if
Ubuntu has the same 8Gb boot partition limitation, I guess that isn't
going to be possible.

I don't recall exactly where I learned about this limitation, but I
think it was at Apple's website. So far my searches are only bringing
up hits about the fact that newer Macs can use up to 8Gb of RAM (must
be nice!).

This article suggests that it's only a problem with tray loading iMacs
(which I have):

There's also an app called XPostFacto that is supposed to enable you
to use larger partitions when installing OSX. I haven't tried it yet
but perhaps it would help with Ubuntu as well:

I think I'm going to try the install, even if it means wiping out OSX
to do so. If anyone wants me to keep an eye out for anything, let me


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