Runlevel Configuration in g-s-t

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Sat Sep 18 13:15:35 UTC 2004

<quote who="Eric Jaffe">

> In previous installations of gnome-system-tools on other distributions, I
> have noticed that there is an additional utility included with
> gnome-system-tools. This tool allows the user to configure the runlevels
> (i.e. which programs run on startup).
> This utility seems to be missing. Is this deliberate or will it be
> included in Ubuntu in the future?
> P.S.: The bootloader configuration utility also seems to be missing from
> gnome-system-tools.

Both of these are disabled and unsupported in Ubuntu (they're not built by
default, and we see them as beyond the scope of system configuration
requirements for desktop users - admins can always use the command line
utilities if they need to change these things).

- Jeff

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