Nice work! :) And ppc-related questions

Colin Watson cjwatson at
Sat Sep 18 11:51:19 UTC 2004

On Sat, Sep 18, 2004 at 10:54:22AM +0200, Germano Rizzo wrote:
> Hi!
> 	first of all, I wanted to congratulate on your good work. It was a 
> great surprise to see a new distro for ppc, full of up-to-date packages, 
> and an even greater one to see that it works (almost everything) out of 
> the box... after much fiddling with crazy installations, your installer 
> was a breathe of fresh air. I am looking forward for the stable release.

Glad you like it. :-)

> (1) when, on installation, I select the "it" keyboard (I can't remember 
> the code, maybe mac-usb-it) the keys are all mixed. For instance, when I 
> press "m" it produces a ",". Debian ppc also have this flaw; it's not a 
> big deal, I had just to select an us one and it works ok, but it's quite 
> annoying the first time.

This is similar to bug #1171, and I've added a note to that bug to say
that Italian is affected too. mac-usb-uk is the right keymap for
Macintosh UK keyboards, but some of the other mac-usb-* keymaps
apparently have problems.

> (2) when I start Gnome as unprivileged user, a popup appears saying 
> "Permissions on the file /dev/pmu are broken".

That's bug #957. It shouldn't display that message.

> Actually, I can't get any pmu-related function to work. The
> permissions were 0600, I changed to 0666 and it works ok, tough I
> can't still get it to sleep correctly. Is it the correct way to do?

The permissions should be left at 0600, I think, regardless of the error
message (there's been conversation on debian-powerpc about this if you
want to look it up).

Has your system managed to sleep in any Linux distribution? My PowerBook
doesn't, for instance, since sleep support for its graphics card isn't
implemented yet.

> (3) the softkeys (brightness hi/lo, volume hi/lo, eject) aren't working. 

Have you tried with/without Fn? (Just checking. I think there's a
problem with the eject key filed as a bug.)

> (4) does anyone know if there is some remote possibility that in this 
> world or on another one the Airport Extreme card will ever be supported? 

I really wouldn't hold your breath. :-(

> If not, can someone advice me an USB 802.11b wireless interface 
> supported by linux?

I got the recommended CardBus card from and it
works well with no fuss, although it doesn't do things like AP scanning.

> (5) will mac-on-linux ever be officially distributed with ubuntu 
> packages? It would be ver useful. Can I use the debian packages?

We definitely should, although I think it was overlooked for Warty.
You'd need to recompile the mol-modules packages in Debian to match the
Ubuntu kernel; I'll see if we can fix those up in universe so that it at
least works out of the box there.


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