Dual booting on a Powerbook

John dingo at coco2.arach.net.au
Sat Sep 18 11:45:17 UTC 2004

Dave Miller wrote:

> John wrote:
>> atm I have OS X on a 17" powerbook.
>> Will d-i resize OS X; if not, how do I get Ubuntu onto it with losing 
>> stuff?
> It don't think it knows how to resize HFS+ partitions...  I was two 
> paranoid to try it anyway. :)  Back up all your data (Carbon Copy 
> Cloner is a very good tool to do this with), and repartition the drive 
> using Disk Utility (so it'll install all the Mac driver partitions on 
> it and so forth), and just leave yourself enough free space for 
> Ubuntu.  Then when you boot the Ubuntu CD, you can use that to create 
> the Linux partitions in the free space you left from above.
> Firewire target disk mode really comes in handy for the backup/restore 
> phase of the OS X portion if you happen to have another Mac around 
> with enough space to hold the backup.  I also have an external 
> Firewire hard drive I use for such things.
>> What (hardware) does not work?
> Mine is a Dual USB 500 MHz iBook.  I have yet to find anything not 
> work (other than scanning for a list of available wireless networks).  
> Note that I haven't attempted to use the modem though. :)

I have an external 40 Gb USB2 drive, currently formatted ext3 and 
getting the latest Sarge and ubuntu.
 I don't have CCC, but I do have an rsyncX cd someplace that is supposed 
to do bare-metal recovery.

I have Airport Extreme (Broadcom I suspect, but others might know 
better), and Gigabit ethernet. If neither of those work, Ubuntu isn't 
going to fly. Unless MacOnLinux can supply those.

>> Is this likely towork?
>> http://www.maconlinux.com/
> I've used it in sid, so I don't see any reason it wouldn't work... 
> Unfortunately, checking now, the mol-modules package seems to be 
> missing from the repository.  All the mol stuff is in universe, so I 
> don't know how much they care. ;)  mol-modules-source is there, 
> though, so you might be able to compile it yourself.  On the other 
> hand, it may be missing from the repository because the build failed...

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