Initial impressions, questions, and bugs

Nathan Howell nathan at
Sat Sep 18 07:05:30 UTC 2004

I've now installed Ubuntu on two of my machines, and it's fantastic.
Thanks guys. I'm just going to jump right into a list of thoughts and
observations here:

- My first install was on a box with an onboard Broadcom 4401 NIC. It
uses the b44 module. It wasn't detected during the install, but worked
afterwards. (after I set up the interface)

- Alsa just works. Thank you. It's nice not having to touch that.

- Is Grub failing when XFS is chosen something that's going to be fixed?
A d-i bug, I suppose. Does it work for anybody?

- Mod4/Super/Windows keys don't work in the keyboard shortcut config.
Selecting a function and pressing Super_L immediately assigns just
Super_L to that function.

- Does pmount assume all devices it mounts are in /dev and just sanitize
the name? If I have udev create a device node at /dev/usb/usbdrive1, it
mounts as /media/usb_usbdrive1.

- A dialog appearing the first time a device is inserted asking for a
name and then remembering it would rock.

- NFS mounts show up in Disks. Shouldn't they be in Network?

- I have jfs and xfs related modules running even though I'm not using
either filesystem. Is this intentional?

- The mouse wheel scrolls double. This is good sometimes, bad others
(like switching channels in tvtime). Is there a global setting for this
somewhere, or should this not be happening? (and no, it didn't do it
with previous distros on the same hardware)

- Sound Juicer dies complaining that it can't find any drives.
>From .xsession-errors:
** (sound-juicer:15554): WARNING **: Can't
read /proc/scsi/sg/device_strs

Hm. Good enough for now... now how many of those should I put in
bugzilla? :-)

Thanks again for a great distro,


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