ubuntu on mac users?

Steven Rowat Steven_Rowat at sunshine.net
Sat Sep 18 03:47:11 UTC 2004

Hi again,

I wrote:

> 2. ...should it run on a PPC G3/233 desktop (rev B)?

To which justdave kindly replied words including:

>  The Beige G3 won't boot a Linux CD (unlike the
newer Macs), and it won't run a standard bootloader....  This machine was
the last
machine Apple made that had this problem.  Any newer machine should
"just work" without having to do all the above hassle.  (The "Open
Firmware" is what makes the difference -- the Beige G3 was the last
machine before they started using Open Firmware).>

However, at the NetBSD.org site I discover extensive lists and explanation
about Open Firmware, including the information that the Beige G3 does
indeed have OF; it's a version difference. The Rev A has OF version 2.0f1,
and the Rev B (mine) has OF 2.4 (see the model list at:

So, what you said about how to load ubuntu via extensive workarounds may
indeed hold true (since OF v. 3> applies after the Beige G3), yet it may
not. NetBSD supports the Beige G3, via Open Firmware, and your evidence on
your own machine was not ubuntu itself, but another Linux distribution. So
I conclude at this point that we still don't know if ubuntu will boot
directly from CD on Beige G3 Rev B.

Correct conclusion?

So I should try it?  Or can someone else save me the trouble with a another
chunk of warning/clarification?

 steven rowat

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