Dual booting on a Powerbook

Dave Miller justdave at canonical.com
Fri Sep 17 20:23:42 UTC 2004

John wrote:

> atm I have OS X on a 17" powerbook.
> Will d-i resize OS X; if not, how do I get Ubuntu onto it with losing 
> stuff?

It don't think it knows how to resize HFS+ partitions...  I was two 
paranoid to try it anyway. :)  Back up all your data (Carbon Copy Cloner 
is a very good tool to do this with), and repartition the drive using 
Disk Utility (so it'll install all the Mac driver partitions on it and 
so forth), and just leave yourself enough free space for Ubuntu.  Then 
when you boot the Ubuntu CD, you can use that to create the Linux 
partitions in the free space you left from above.

Firewire target disk mode really comes in handy for the backup/restore 
phase of the OS X portion if you happen to have another Mac around with 
enough space to hold the backup.  I also have an external Firewire hard 
drive I use for such things.

> What (hardware) does not work?

Mine is a Dual USB 500 MHz iBook.  I have yet to find anything not work 
(other than scanning for a list of available wireless networks).  Note 
that I haven't attempted to use the modem though. :)

> Is this likely towork?
> http://www.maconlinux.com/

I've used it in sid, so I don't see any reason it wouldn't work... 
Unfortunately, checking now, the mol-modules package seems to be missing 
from the repository.  All the mol stuff is in universe, so I don't know 
how much they care. ;)  mol-modules-source is there, though, so you 
might be able to compile it yourself.  On the other hand, it may be 
missing from the repository because the build failed...

  - justdave

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