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Fri Sep 17 19:42:17 UTC 2004

Hello, all.

First, let me say I like what I see in unbuntu, even though I've only ran it for about an hour so far. Thought I'd post
what I've seen on my Dell Latitude D800. I've installed ubuntu over Fedora Core 2 which is the distro I'm used to. I'm
new to Debian based distros - please excuse any newbie type questions.

1. Video is stuck at 640x480. I have a 1680x1050 LCD screen with a Nvidia Ti4200GO. The nv module loads OK, but the
640x480 window is in the centre of the screen and tiny. No other mode lines were created in the XF86config-4 either. As
well, the vttys are all garbled after X starts - making it hard to see what I'm editing with vi.

For this LCD, I need these lines in XF86Config-4:

Modeline	"1680x1050"	147.14	1680 1784 1968 2256 1050 1051 1054 1087


Modes "1680x1050"

I did kill X, edit the file and try to re-start X, but it didn't seem to work. I know about needing to do more to
actually update the XF86Config (like dpkg-reconfigure xfree86-config), but this is an easy way of backing out of a
failed edit (reboot and it's fixed). Anyway, I'd like to get my full screen res before I proceed with the Nvidia driver.

2. Sound doesn't work, even though the snd-intel810 module loads. Don't know why yet.

3. There's 4 devices that HAL doesn't recognise. One is the Firewire port, and there's no info on the other 3. I think
one of those is the LCD panel and another is the security card reader. Not sure what the third one is yet. Once I get
the screen issue straightened out, I may be able to get more info.

4. I'd like to turn off the "press esc to get the menu" thing in GRUB, if possible. This laptop dual boots XP (for now,
anyway) and I'd like the menu to be presented at each startup. I'd also like to be able to set the default boot os - the
menu.lst isn't exactly clear on how to do that.

The Broadcom wired network adapter was detected fine, as was the IPW2100. There's no wireless here at work, so I'll be
testing that tonight.

I'll send in the system info from XP, if desired - it's a good description of what hardware's in here.

Overall, the installation is straight forward enough, and GNOME 2.8 looks really smooth. Good work!

Ron Sokoloski

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