ubuntu on mac users?

Steven Rowat Steven_Rowat at sunshine.net
Fri Sep 17 17:19:37 UTC 2004


Enrike, and then Martin, wrote:

>> i was wondering if there are many ppc ubuntu users and whats their
>> experience,
>I don't know, but I do can say that there a lot of ppc Ubuntu
>developers :-), that's why it is supported very well.

Greetings all. I've been a (usually) full-time Mac user for 17 years, using
them for writing and illustrating patents at first, and then later for
music publishing (including recording) .

For ethical/poltical reasons I've been tracking open source and Linux
(which seems like something the world needs), but until now have not made
the switch, because, simply put, it always seemed like a career in itself
just to get the damn thing to do what the Mac could already do (as a
desktop user, not as a server, of course).

Now a young friend has installed ubuntu and alerted me, more or less,
saying, 'this thing is different. you just install it and it works'.
However, he's already done a Linux install and knows his way around Mac
OSX. I'm still in Mac OS 9.

So, four questions (which ask for opinions):

1. Is Ubuntu going to be really usable by someone who wants to get text,
audio, and visual works produced and transmitted, without becoming a
computer hack or developer themselves?

2. If this is possible, should it run on a PPC G3/233 desktop (rev B)?

3. If this is possible, I have three internal disks; a 4G (with the OS 9
system), a 10G, and a 40G partitioned into 8 and 32. I'm contemplating
installing ubuntu on either the 10G or one of the partitions, so I can dual
boot to try out ubuntu. What would be the best place?

4. Should I get some sort of other Linux training before attempting an install?

bye, and good luck to all. I hope it takes over the world  ;-)

steven rowat

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