First Impressions i386 and amd64

Rob Willenberg rob at
Fri Sep 17 15:15:11 UTC 2004

Matthew Lambie wrote:

> How did you find the hardware support, and does 
> suspend/speedstep/other "laptop things" work out of the box? I have an 
> R40 with Sarge, and have never got around to making suspend work, 
> which is something that I'm sure I'd appreciate. The closest I've come 
> was installing one of Norbert's new suspend-enabled kernels.

I haven't tried suspend or speedstep,  yet, I don't really use them 
under Windows, so I hadn't thought about it with Ubuntu, I will later 
this afternoon though. Everything else seems to be functional though, 
including bluetooth, which I'm going to test this weekend against my phone.


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