Setting the root password

Tristan Rhodes tristan at
Fri Sep 17 14:53:27 UTC 2004

>>>>>Someone needs to fix the freaking PATH!!!
>>>>Is there something wrong with it?
>>>As I said, it lacks /sbiin & /usr/sbin which are quite important.
>>We fixed this a week or two ago in all the places we could think of. If
>>there's one we missed, please let us know which.
> I suppose he's talking about bash autocompletion feature, if you want to
> execute root commands with sudo and you don't have /sbin and /usr/sbin
> in your normal user's path, you don't cannot use the "TAB" key and you
> need to type the whole command.

I got the path set correctly by typing

sudo su -

Then Bash auto-completion works with the right path.  Can't live without auto-completion!

Tristan Rhodes

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