First impressions with Ubuntu

Julien Olivier julo at
Fri Sep 17 09:55:20 UTC 2004

> Did you install  Each translation for openoffice can
> be as much as 20 megabytes, so we do not install every language by default.

I didn't have this package installed. After I installed it, I got the UI
in French, but still no French dictionary. I guess OOO just lacks it
upstream, but I know that RedHat / Fedora provides a French dictionary
for OOO.

> In the future, this will be more automated, based on a choice of languages
> in the installer.

It would be great to automatically install the l10n package matching the
language the user chose during installation.

> >  - If you start your computer with a USB mass storage device plugged in,
> > it won't be reconized by HAL. You have to unplug it, and re-plug it.
> It works for me here.  I boot my system with a USB card reader attached
> (which shows up as a mass storage device), and it shows up in
> hal-device-manager without any re-plugging.
> Perhaps it is specific to your device?

Well, I think I need to test it more, with different devices, and I'll
file a bug when I get more information.

> >  - My sound card is an Intel Corp. 82801DB (ICH4) AC'97 Audio
> > Controller. On this sound card, I can't control the volume using the
> > "volume" or "PCM" channels. Only the "PCM2" channel controls volume. The
> > first problems is that PCM2 is muted by default, and is not controlled
> > by the sound volume applet. Is there a solution to this ?
> I do not think there is a simple solution to this.  I have seen other cards
> with both PCM and PCM2, where PCM is the useful one. :-/

How about having PCM2 volume "follow" PCM volume and vice-versa ?

> >  - If you change the icon theme to "hicolor", all the icons disappear,
> > and the trash applet crashes.
> Please report this in bugzilla.

To which component ? This trash applet isn't in upstream GNOME, is it ?

Julien Olivier <julo at>

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