S-ATA, display refresh rate problems and some feedback

Matt Zimmerman mdz at canonical.com
Fri Sep 17 06:52:55 UTC 2004

On Fri, Sep 17, 2004 at 08:37:15AM +0200, Daniel Borgmann wrote:

> I'm using a S-ATA disk drive and a regular ATA CD ROM/Burner in combined
> mode. When I tried installing Warty, it couldn't detect my CD ROM and
> asked me to install the necessary driver from a floppy or selecting it
> manually, which didn't help me. This happened both with my new CD Burner
> and with my old CD ROM. When I changed my BIOS settings for S-ATA to
> disabled, the CD ROM was happily found, so it must have something to do
> with this. I ended up installing on some old P-ATA drive which worked
> very well. Hopefully this problem can be eliminated for the final
> release, please tell me if there is any other information which could be
> useful to solve it. My relevant hardware is:
> Abit IC7 motherboard with i875P chipset
> Some Seagate Barracuda S-ATA disk drive
> LG GCE-8525B CD Burner (but that one shouldn't matter)

Please file a bug in bugzilla, with lspci output and dmesg output.

> Next problem: During installation of the Xserver, debconf asked me to
> select a set of resolutions to make the highest one of them the default.
> Daniel Stone told me that this would be a bug. Also my frequency ranges
> in the XF86Config-4 were set much too low, so I had to edit it manually
> to avoid horrid flickering. Both seems to suggest that my monitor wasn't
> properly detected, which makes sense, because it's also not detected by
> Fedora. In Fedora, it offers me a list of monitors to chose from and
> weirdly, it contains a lot of very similar monitor types, but never my
> exact model. The Fedora list has been the same since Red Hat 8.
> My monitor is a "SAMSUNG SyncMaster 950p+" (it's not a very old or no-
> name monitor) and the suggested frequency ranges for it are:
> H: 30 - 110kHz
> V: 50 - 160Hz
> Hopefully some day it will be configured automatically. :)
> (My graphics card is a Geforce 4 Ti4600, but this one was found and
> configured correctly)

Likewise, please file a bug in bugzilla.

> Apart from those and a few other minor issues, I'm extremely happy so far.
> I'd like to add some thoughts about the desktop configuration.  While I
> love how all the items are available from the desktop menu (and the Trash
> on the panel), I think it would work a lot better if it would be easy to
> drag and drop any menu item on the panel or the desktop, just like
> application launchers. This is probably obvious, but I skimmed a few
> discussions about it and didn't see it mentioned. If the drag and drop
> would work, then it would make sense to keep all the items in the menu.
> Those who like to have items on their desktop could easily create them
> there.

This makes sense to me.  Please file a bug in bugzilla.  This is more of a
feature request, so it may not be implemented for the release, but this
allows us to keep track of it more easily.

> At the same time, it should then not be unreasonable to place a few
> locations on the desktop by default (similar to how a few launchers are
> placed on the panel by default), as those who don't want them could easily
> remove them without "losing" those locations and without retreating to
> gconf hackery. Additionally, this would allow the individual applets to be
> removed, so the applet list would become a lot simpler. I had some more
> thoughts, but this should suffice for now. :)

I am addicted to the clean desktop look and usefulness, myself. :-)
Removing the desktop icons encourages you to explore the new paradigm, and I
like it.

> Well, that was a lie. One more thing (probably a GNOME issue): When I use
> the "Connect to Server" functionality, an icon for this connection appears
> permanently in the Network location. I couldn't find any way to edit the
> connection properties of this connection and much worse, I couldn't find a
> way to remove this icon again. :) Is there a way?  Also when I chose
> "Connect To This Server" from the context menu of a connection icon, it
> simply creates a duplicate of the specific icon (which I can't get rid of
> either). I'm not sure what this is good for, but it probably needs a
> little tweakage. :)


 - mdz

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