euro support in ubuntu

Guido Heumann listguido at
Thu Sep 16 12:38:05 UTC 2004


I am very happy about this project and its goals, and was already
waiting to discover the new Warty beta release. My first impression now
is really very good, I'll probably switch from Sarge to Warty for some
time now.

The only thing that I'm missing for a perfect desktop setup is support
for the Euro symbol and related locales. I'm used to choose locale
de_DE at euro (ISO8859-15) in Debian, and install additional packages like
xfonts*-transcoded, fonty and mozilla-locale-de-de. 

Unfortunately I couldn't find these packages in the current Warty
release (didn't check "universe" yet). It think it would be very nice if
you would include them in the main component, especially the transcoded

Or is there another prefered way of setting up Euro support in Ubuntu?
I'm still hesitating to fully switch to UTF8...



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