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van Tonder, Mr MS wrote:

>       *Hi!*
>       *I think the installation instructions for i386 could be
>       clearer, especially the partitioning section (see below).  I am
>       toying with the idea of having a dual boot WinXP/Linux install.
>        It would be very nice if there was a step by step guide with
>       screenshots explaining how to do this.  The current installation
>       instructions are a bit vague about this, esp. setting up a dual
>       boot partition.  It should be simple enough for idiots *J
>       explaining to them where to click and when, with screenshots.  
>       *Kind regards*
>       *Martin*
>       */Partition your disks/*
>     * /First you will be given the opportunity to erase and
>       automatically partition an entire disk. This is recommended for
>       new users, but if you have any valuable data on the disk, be
>       sure to back it up first, as it will be erased!/
>     * /If you do not want to erase an entire disk, or if you want to
>       customize the partition layout, choose "Manually edit partition
>       table" from the menu, and the next screen will show you your
>       partition table, how the partitions will be formatted, and where
>       they will be mounted. /
>     * /Select a partition to modify or delete it. Remember to assign
>       at least one partition for swap space and to mount a partition
>       on /. Choose "Finish partitioning and write changes to disk"
>       when you are finished./
>     * /After confirmation, the installer formats your partitions and
>       starts to install the base system, which can take a while. That
>       is followed by installing a kernel, then by copying the
>       remainder of the packages on the CD to your hard disk so that
>       you no longer need the CD./
>       */Install a boot loader/*
>     * /If the installer detects other operating systems on your
>       computer, it will add them to the boot menu./
>     * /The installer will now tell you that the first stage has
>       finished. /
>     * /Remove the CD and hit Enter to reboot your machine. It should
>       boot up into the second stage of the installation process./
> / /
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