Gnome dot releases

ghetto at ghetto at
Wed Oct 27 14:13:30 UTC 2004

> On Wed, 2004-10-27 at 14:14 +0200, h.engemann at wrote:
>> sounds sad,
>> so we dont see new versions of programmes, tools when they are released?
>> Would be better if you distribute them than to use 3rd party repos.
> We would not be able to support continuously updated repositories. Now
> that warty is released, we're working on hoary, and providing support
> for warty. It would be too much work for us, and would not be the right
> thing to do for people who want a known, stable system.
>> on the other side, anything runs fine and stable, so there isnt much
>> need to get the bleeding edge stuff.
> Precisely. We release every six months. It's stable, and up to date. You
> won't get anything older than six months, at the worst. That's the way
> it should be. :-)

Sorry if I insist with that but, actually there is (at least for me) some
bugs in the gnome desktop that I can't wait 6 months for a fix.
Releasing just after a new version of gnome, means that ubuntu will always
have the first stable gnome release without the latest bugfixes. Is not
about have bleeding edge stuff, but have working stuff.
Maybe I've missed something? If I'm wrong I will be happy...

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