XSane segmentation fault

Darren Wheatley darren at tenjin.co.uk
Mon Oct 25 22:23:43 UTC 2004


I had trouble getting my Canon scanner to work. I didn't get the same error,
but here's what I did (taken from my personal "how to" files so please
excuse the format!):

" - First off, try running xsane as root:

 sudo xsane

 - or


If you can run xsane as root okay then you have a permissions problem.

You need to add the scanner device to the "scanner" group, and possibly
chmod 660 the device.

You locate the device by:

- Look on the sane web site and check that your scanner is supported
- Assuming it is (bail out now if it isn't!) then make a note of the vendor
ID and product ID, and the drive
- Ensure that the driver is installed on your system
- Look in /proc/bus/usb/devices and locate your scanner by manufacturer
name, vendor ID and product ID
- When you find it, look for the section marked "Dev#=  " and make a note of
the device number.
- Look in /proc/bus/usb/* and find the folder that contains your device
- chmod 660 <your device>
- chown root:scanner <your device>

That should be it."

Good luck!


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