RaLink RT2400 support in ubuntu?

Samuel Thurston, III sam.thurston at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 21:06:50 UTC 2004

Agreed, it would be best to compile it myself, however, some crucial
packages are missing from the install CD in order to do this the
"debian way".  debhelper, fakeroot, and kernel-package are required to
build the driver ( i think fakeroot is included but not the others)
and libqt3c102-mt is required for the config utility-- does this lib
have license issues?

At any rate, i can't really get these packages that aren't on the CD
on to my machine, as the ralink is the only network connection i
have... i am sure i could copy them individually, but i don't think
many of libqt3c102-mt's dependencies are fulfilled by the CD either,
so this would be a long and tedious process.  I didn't have any
problems under sid because i already had all the necessary packages
when i installed the card... what i didn't have was on the CD's.  I
shudder at the thought of having to rip out the 10/100 card from my
other machine,  replace the RALINK with it (since i only have the one
free PCI slot), apt-get the missing packages, build the driver, swap
the cards again and pray that everything worked.

What happened to modconf anyway?   modconf is certianly easier for
end-users to deal with than modprobe-- especially since it fixes your
/etc/modules and debconf stuff so that the right modules load at boot.

I would love to see these drivers added to Hoary, as they are fairly
common cards, most ship with driver source, and many store personnel
have told me that they are "supported by linux" (although my salesman
told me it needed the orinoco drivers which simply don't work)  Also,
having used Flavio's drivers for a while, i find they're quite stable.

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 15:23:53 -0500, jdong <ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org> wrote:
> Well, it's definitely not gonna be added to Warty, but there's a chance
> for hoary to have this if you suggest it.
> Yeah, so compiling it yourself would be your best bet.
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> jdong
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