Gnome error 18 halts setup

rolf ulist at
Mon Oct 25 16:56:22 UTC 2004

Fernando J. Leal Wrote: 
> Greetings!
> After installing Ubuntu 4.10 on an "old" machine (a PII/400), when the
> machine reboots after copying all the files from the CD, I get an
> "error
> 18" message from Grub and the installation goes no further.
> Any ideas about what an "error 18" may be, and how can I work it out?]

According to - 
18 : Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS
This error is returned when a read is attempted at a linear block
address beyond the end of the BIOS translated area. This generally
happens if your disk is larger than the BIOS can handle (512MB for
(E)IDE disks on older machines or larger than 8GB in general).



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