Browsing shares on a Windows 2000 machine

Mark C lists at
Sun Oct 24 08:55:09 UTC 2004

Chris wrote:
> I've just recently installed Ubuntu (Warty), and I'm having networking
> troubles.
> Going to: 
>    Computers -> 
>    Network -> 
>    Windows Network -> 
>    workgroup (the name of the workgroup the W2K box is in) -> 
>    BORG (the name of the machine)
> I receive the following error message:
> ---
> The folder contents could not be displayed.
> You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "Windows
> Network: borg".
> ---

This AFAIK is a gnome-vfs bug, not sure where it is in bugzilla on 
gnome, but apparently it works, if you give it a share name as well.

But I agree for GNU/Linux or should I say GNOME to be taken seriously or 
used in workplaces/enterprise market, it's things like this that *WILL* 
make or break it, sadly we are in the position where we HAVE to be able 
to talk to MS machines (the other way around seems not to apply :(), for 
it to even be considered into the workplace.

This is the one  main thing that is stopping Ubuntu from being used in 
my company, they will not replace the thousands they have wasted on 
buying windows 2003 servers, so when I was trying Ubuntu for work, the 
main factor was that users can use network shares easily, and be able to 
read/write to them, for example they cannot use gedit to write to a 
file, as it opens it Read-Only, gnome-vfs is still unable to write to 
windows shares.

And putting the username/password in fstab is not an option, as it is 
too insecure.


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