Outcome of community meeting on 18 October

Mark Shuttleworth mark at hbd.com
Wed Oct 20 11:05:07 UTC 2004

We had an extensive open discussion on Monday about the artwork for the 
final release of 4.10 (The Warty Warthog). I think it's fair to say we 
had representatives from across the community present and participating, 
as well as many of the core developers. A full transcript of the meeting 
is at http://people.ubuntu.com/~thom/ubuntu-artwork-meeting.log

Based on the meeting I've asked for the following to be done in time for 
the final release of Warty:

 - the default login screen will contain no imagery
 - the "circle of friends" login screen will be available as an option 
after installation on new machines

 - the  gnomesplash will revert to that of the preview release, with the 
Ubuntu logo

 - the default desktop will remain the "ubuntu" desktop which has the 
chocolate colour and ubuntu logo
 - the calendar will not be installed by default, this is now a separate 
ubuntu-calendar package
   - the calendar requires network access for monthly updated wallpapers 
in any event

All of these changes have now been made and should be available to you 
when you next update the packages on an installed Ubuntu system.

The art theme of ubuntu is one way in which we would like to distinguish 
the distribution, but it's clear that will need to be a derivative work 
or separate layer of packages rather than part of the default.

In the pantheon of ideas about which it could be asked "which dumbnut 
dreamed this up?" the idea of strong human imagery in Ubuntu would 
appear to feature prominently, and the dumbnut in question would be me. 
I'll have to shoulder any blame for the original idea and it's 
execution, so please direct any such feedback at me rather than other 
Ubuntu developers, and thanks to all of you who helped to straighten me out.


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