how to disable the famd deamon

Chris ubuntu at
Mon Oct 18 22:20:33 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 23:06 +0100, Andy wrote:
> Must say, famd has often caused me problems - and not just with Ubuntu. 
> I sometimes find I can't unmount a samba share or eject a CD, and the 
> cause is usually famd. Killing and restarting it usually solves the problem.
> Any ideas how such problems can be reduced/eliminated?
> Andy

I'll chime in on this as well.  famd causes me headaches when using
removable media.  Firewire and USB hard-drives especially.  I'm not able
to unmount them.

Also when using "loop" devices via /dev/loopX.  Often I need to mount
and unmount these and famd locks them up.

I mean, I like what famd does in Nautilus to keep the display up to
date, but the rest of the time it just causes me grief.  Someone needs
to come up with a way to tell famd when to let go so the filesystem can
be unmounted.

I've lived with it for far too long.  It's yet another one of those
GNOME annoyances that has been around for years but nobody ever does
anything about (another one is the way gnome-panel rearranges your
icons, despite them being locked; often after a crash).

// Chris

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