Community response of new ubuntu artwork

doubletwist doubletwist at
Thu Oct 14 14:34:41 UTC 2004

Thomas Beckett wrote:

> OMG will everyone just shut up about the artwork!  I dont care! 
> I can see that some will  - Can someone at Canonical just remove the
> thing and put it as an optional install.
> If you all want to drivel on about it can you please use the same
> subject line so that i can filter it out and ignore the lot of you!
> Really! it just aint worth it! STFU!!! 
> oh i feel much better now :D
> (ps - I actually quite like it ;) )

I think it says something about the quality of this new distro, that 
everything is so well put together, that the only thing everyone can 
complain about is the artwork. :) Of course there are other things that 
need a little help still, but for such a young project things work 
remarkably well.

Oh and just so I don't feel left out. I also think the new artwork needs 
to be changed. [ducking]


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