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Thu Oct 14 00:45:34 UTC 2004


It's just that it is clearly NOT business people.

It looks like people having a joke. Not the right image.



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> Ville Vainio wrote:
> >Not to mention the unavoidable "what kind of freak are you, anyway"
> >questions. If the theme is final, it'll be the topic of the week for all
> >the Ubuntu reviews in the net. And expect Slashdot to have a field day
> >with the theme...
> >
> >
> That may not be a bad thing, as a new distro can use all the PR it gets :)
> Could I ask those who object to the theme, exactly what aspect they find
> objectionable? Is it the partial nudity, or that the three people are
> shown in close proximity, or something else?
> I expect they took many pictures in the same photo shoot, so they
> probably have some material to choose from. What minor variation might
> improve the situation, if any, and why?
> - Henrik
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