Default Theme

Tyler Willingham tyler-ubuntu at
Wed Oct 13 14:07:12 UTC 2004


I have been using ubuntu for a while now, and have been extremely impressed
with it's well thought-out design and feel. 

I have been using the system since the preview release, and have been happy
with it so far. However, I recently updated the system and saw changes to the
default theme which leave me a little bit uncomfortable. I was going to setup
my in-law's computer with this, and they, like me, are conservative and seek
out those things that choose modest attire. I was surprised to see the new
default theme which does not hold to these ideals. I know I can change the
theme, but I am uncomfortable with the idea that this is the first thing I am
presented with. There are many others, I would imagine, who would seem to
agree with me. 

Basically, I was wondering if there is a chance that there be a bit more
conservative theme by default for the first release?

Thank you for your consideration


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