No working X configuration (Eizo 20" LCD, Nvidia FX5700 card)

Conrad Helgeland conrad.helgeland at
Wed Oct 6 07:28:37 UTC 2004

First off: I'm incredibly impressed with Ubuntu/Warty after using it for
about 3 weeks on my Athlon XP system at home.

Tried installing on an AMD64 (socket 939) system at work yesterday (MSI K8N
Neo2-54g motherboard). Unfotunataly I was left with a non-functional
X-configuration, just a beige (greyish) screen with nothing but the
background color.

The video card is a Gainward SilentFX (Nvidia GeForce FX5700 chipset, with
dual DVI).

Any ideas? It's my first 20 inch LCD experience so I don't know where to


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