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Tue Oct 5 16:56:16 UTC 2004

I've seen that page that you linked to, and I thought I had it figured
out.  I tried to make a symbolic link from /var/lib/gnome/debian/ 
(that's where the normal Debian menu resides) to /usr/share/gnome/
(where it appears that Ubuntu places some items on the menu) but the
symbolic links didn't appear on the menu, even after a gnome-panal
restart.  I would be happy with that working if someone could help me
figure it out.

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 10:24:16 -0600, Dan R. Hunt <dan.r.hunt at> wrote:
> > On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 11:00:42 -0400, Chad Kiser <ckiser at> wrote:
> > > I've searched thru the faq, wiki, bugzilla, and mail archive, but
> > > can't find a suitable answer to this question.  If I install a program
> > > using synaptic, that on a normal debian system would show up under the
> > > debian menu, why is it not automatically added to a any of the menus
> > > on Ubuntu?
> Quick google gave me this:
> perhaps a starting point to making the Debian menu work?
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